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Become a PA

Visit all 7 continents

Take a SwimTrek trip

Bike through Western Europe

Raft the Grand Canyon

Improve my Spanish proficiency

Go on safari in Africa

Trace my roots at Ellis Island

Vacation in Hawaii

Work on a hospital ship in a Third World country

Celebrate New Year's in Times Square

Visit all 50 states (29 to go: AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, RI, SD, TX, UT, VT, WA, WV, WI, WY)

See the ruins at Pompeii

Swim in Capri's Blue Grotto

Tour Mt. Vesuvius

Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Tour the Colosseum

Visit the D-Day beaches

See the Mona Lisa

Visit the palace at Versailles

See the Acropolis and Parthenon

See the Egyptian pyramids

Hike the Inca Trail

Walk El Camino Santiago

Take an Alaskan cruise

View the Taj Mahal at sunrise

Hike Table Mountain in South Africa

Climb through the Amazon canopy

Walk at least part of the Great Wall of China

Get laser hair removal

Learn to surf, ski, and snowboard

Learn to drive a stick-shift

Learn to play the piano

Go on a tropical cruise

Ride horseback on the beach

Ride in a hot air balloon

Get tickets to the Olympics

Go to adult Space Camp

Witness a shuttle launch from up close

Build a full-sized snowman

Sew a quilt out of my old race T-shirts

Update and continue my Life Scrapbook

Become the oldest person to ever do the River Run

Live to be a happy, healthy 100 years old - at least!

(unlikely dreams)

vrijdag 10 juli 2009

We're well on the way to turning the Flying Biscuit Cafe into a regular Friday morning brunch -- today we invited our friend Kelsey to go along and the three of us had a great time catching up. Very 'Sex and the City', but very fun. Among other revelations, we determined that we (a law student, pre-PA student, and little-bit-of-everything student) could, amusingly enough, be referred to as a trio of doctor, lawyer, and Indian chief. LOL.

I had a great day at work yesterday; the doctor I work for finally came back from vacation and was in a stellar mood (a sharp contrast to my usual three days of sullenness when *I* return from a great trip, LOL). The place always feels so much friendlier and more relaxed when he's there. As part of his trip, he ran the Seattle Marathon on June 27th, shooting to beat 4 hours, and ran a 3:58, which I (as a six-hour marathoner) found incredible. We'll see if I can shave it down to 5:30 in February. Anyway, it was a huge relief to be back in my regular routine, dealing with my 'regular' patients (the ones who know me, as opposed to the ones who normally see other doctors) rather than alternately filling out endless camp forms, sticking needles into struggling kindergartners, and twiddling my thumbs.

For Mom, as well as any other bargain shoppers who may appreciate this, I scored an incredible deal yesterday. I've been shopping around for an interview suit, and tried on this one at Banana Republic and loved the way it fit. The jacket was $150 and the pants were $80, meaning the total would have come to almost $250 with tax, which is about what I was prepared to spend for a good suit. The only thing I didn't love was the color; I wanted a gray or navy or pinstriped suit, not a plain black one, so I decided to wait for autumn in the hopes of scoring a different color.

Then yesterday morning I got one of my usual umpteen coupon emails from Banana Republic, which I would have immediately deleted if not for my interest in that suit. I opened the email to see the words "Mystery Discount" and a code which would get me $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or $500 off an online purchase. Dubious, but willing to give it a shot, I surfed over to the website, put the suit in my online cart, entered all the required credit card information, and progressed to the next-to-last step in checkout, muttering under my breath all the while about how they suck you in and make you come this far in the process so that you're less likely to back out when you find out that all you've netted is $5.

Except... that the code was for $100.

Suddenly, a black suit didn't sound all that bad.

After a trip to the store after work to retry the suit and make sure the style numbers on the online items matched up with the ones I had tried on, I came home and reentered the code. Yep, still $100. To that discount, I added a $10 reward card that I'd been saving as well as the usual code for free shipping (that's the one store where I actually have a store credit card). Then, on a whim, I Googled "Banana Republic coupon codes" and found yet another one, for a further 10% off. So I scored that $250 suit... for a grand total of $110.

I swear, I never get this lucky. Here's hoping it lasts.

Anyway, L just left for Washington, D.C. to visit her friend Amber for the weekend, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my day. I'm really in the mood for a swimming workout, and there's one small section of our pool that actually is 25 yards long, but the pool has to be literally completely empty for a workout to be feasible there. I'm thinking I'll wait until dinnertime, when most people have left, and then try to go down. If I wait until tomorrow, when the usual weekend dozens of Beautiful People descend upon the area, it'll never happen.

I guess the next project is to delete some files and apps from my iPhone to make room for new stuff. I have something like eighteen updates that can't download due to lack of space. No time like the present.

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